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Hannahs Boutique was created in 2004 when I (Hannah) started full time school. Before this, my mum  (Debbie) studied fashion design and pattern cutting at college and went on to work in the industry designing for high street stores. When Hannahs Boutique was originally founded, my mum used to make clothing for  dolls and sell on eBay.  My little brother was born in 2010, I remember him sat in his bouncer whilst my mum sewed away! Around this time also, the focus of Hannahs Boutique moved towards clothing for babies and children. Each piece created was one of a kind until requests started to come in for other sizes. During my last year of sixth form, I set up our Instagram page, unaware of how big the whole small business world was! After completing my a-levels, I joined mum full time. We work along side each other creating all of the pretties that you see on here!

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Hannahs Boutique Baby and Childrenswear

66 Edward Street, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7DR, United Kingdom