Size Guides

Measurements here are child measurements, not garment measurements.

Chest: measure all the way around the chest, at the nipple line. Arms should be relaxed down. This is child chest size, not garment chest size.

Shoulder to knee: measure from the top point of the shoulder to the middle of the knee. This is also the length that our dresses are made to finish at.

Height: measure from the very top of the head to the toe. Easiest if the child is stood against a flat surface, make sure they’re barefoot.

Waist: measure at the natural waistline (the narrowest part of the torso).

Trunk: measure from the top of the shoulder to the middle of the crotch diagonally across the body. This measurement should be taken with no nappy on.

If you need to have a larger size for the chest, or prefer dresses to sit longer/shorter than these measurements, dresses can be made to custom a length, just leave it in the notes at checkout. We won’t make half sizes in chest sizes as all items are size labelled, as well as labelled with custom length tags when not our standard length. Any other questions, please do ask!



  0-3 M.  3-6 M   6-12 M 1-2 Y
Chest 44cm 47cm 50cm 54cm
Shoulder to knee 37cm 40cm 42cm 45cm
Height 64cm 72cm 80cm


Waist 43cm


47cm 51cm
Trunk 36.5cm 40cm 43.5cm


2-3 Y 3-4 Y 4-5 Y 5-6 Y
Chest 55cm 57cm 59cm 61cm
Shoulder to knee 50cm 52cm 54cm 59cm
Height 98cm 104cm 110cm 116cm
Waist 52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm
Trunk 51cm 53.5cm - -
6-7 Y 7-8 Y 8-9 Y 9-10 Y
Chest 63cm 66cm 69cm 72cm
Shoulder to knee 63cm 66cm 69cm


Height 122cm 128cm 134cm 140cm
Waist  60cm 61cm 62cm 63cm
Trunk - - - -